Sunday, September 17, 2006

I'm Back!

This was a 12x12 canvas I made the other day. Had so much fun that I am gonna do another alphabet letter -- maybe a D. My friend purchased the "B" for her twin sister whom is named Brenda. It always excites me when someone enjoys my art work enough to purchase it. Just makes me feel important, know what I mean?
Had a fun day Friday. Went to miles and miles of garage sales, etc. along a farm to market road with a friend. Found great junk and am looking forward to the trip in spring. It's held twice a year - just like being in junk heaven. Gotta run - it's time to create!! Happy Day! Susan


Norah's said...

This is a really cool celebration of "B". I love it.

Anonymous said...

Boy mom you sure are talented !!! Love Ya Lots Alan.