Saturday, September 23, 2006


Found these old book covers the other day and decided to decorate them with pictures of my grandaughters. The title of the book speaks of the youngest.She is always into something and hasn't even reached those terrible 2's. Been under the weather with throat and ear infection. Haven't felt like doing shi-----------------! Gotta get to feeling better soon. Time is passing and no fun has been had (that is with creating). Happy Weekend! Susan

Sunday, September 17, 2006

I'm Back!

This was a 12x12 canvas I made the other day. Had so much fun that I am gonna do another alphabet letter -- maybe a D. My friend purchased the "B" for her twin sister whom is named Brenda. It always excites me when someone enjoys my art work enough to purchase it. Just makes me feel important, know what I mean?
Had a fun day Friday. Went to miles and miles of garage sales, etc. along a farm to market road with a friend. Found great junk and am looking forward to the trip in spring. It's held twice a year - just like being in junk heaven. Gotta run - it's time to create!! Happy Day! Susan

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Fast & Furious

I have been very busy this weekend. Had granddaughters this weekend - ages 1 and 4. Had fun, love them to death, little one wasn't feeling too good. Think she might be cutting teeth. Yesterday I went to car swap meet with hubby. Had a great time. Found some collage items at the swap meet - broken doll's leg and also some hair pins. Little ones stayed with my other daughter who is expecting in February. Made a few stops at antique shops on the way home. Found the cutest pair of leather baby shoes -am gonna do a collage with them. Maybe something in a shadow box. Ideas are kinda going through my head. Decorated a clipboard this afternoon after company left. Nothing special but had fun!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Little Angel

I have now learned to link to some other blogs. Let me now tell you about the picture that is posted. The little girl I scanned and framed her with a chipboard frame I made and inked. She's mounted on canvas board and titled "Little Angel". Tied the tag with black ribbon. She's so sweet. Reminds me of my little granddaughters.

A Wonderful New Day!

Today is my first day to blog. I am finally getting started with the help of my friend who is already a blogger. I am very excited about this big step. I have been tracking other blog spots and I'm ready to show and tell.